Client Reviews

An impossible case

We met with Carla Prosper some 5 years ago to assist a family member with his never ending, complicated status case. Our family member has been through no less than 5 attorneys each of which charged and recharged for their incompetent services and one who even called his clients “dogs”. Carla dug into this case from day one. She arranged the necessary paperwork and defense to arrange a hearing in front of an Orlando Florida Immigration Judge and Prosecutor. Carla’s level of involvement and preparation was amazing. Carla even visited the family at their home in Florida in order to understand who my family member really was in order to prepare for what we have always been told was a not winnable case. After the hearing in Orlando we waited nearly 2 years for a devastating decision, the judge concluded that the facts of the case warranted removal of our family member from the USA. Carla immediately called EACH of us and prepared us for an appeal to the US Immigration Court in Virginia. This is the Supreme Court of Immigration. Carla had less than 30 days to prepare an appeal and got right to work. She warned that this decision would not be easy and that it could take up to two years for a decision to come down. 18 months after the filing of what was believed to be an impossible appeal, the decision was delivered by mail to the home in Florida. At first it read like the appeal was denied however as we continued to read the very thorough, and thought out decision we discovered that the Appeal was sustained and the Orlando Judges decision was overturned. We were ELATED. Not understanding the full impact of the letter/decision we called Carla and asked for her explanation of some of the points. When we read the part that overturned the Orlando Judge Carla screamed with extreme JOY for both my family member and the fact that she had just won an IMPOSSIBLE decision from the Supreme Court of Immigration.
Thanks for reading this, you cannot go wrong when choosing Carla for your Immigration needs. She is available, knowledgeable, patient, smart, involved, understanding and all around great person and attorney. We are happy that a secretary from one of the former attorneys office understood what the attorney was putting us through and recommended Carla Prosper. We are even happier and so grateful that we hired her and stuck with her through this entire process. Although there are still two hearings to go through in order to obtain the Green Card SHE brought our families nightmare of deportation to an end. We are grateful and we will never be able to say it enough. She took on the US Government and WON!!!!

- (5 star review)

A God send at the darkest hour of my life!

In short this is what Carla did for me:
While i was detained by ICE, she filed motion to reopen my deportation case with 400 pages of supporting documentation.
The immigration judge reopened the case within 14 days after the motion was filed.
She won my asylum case a year later.
And this year she helped me obtain the Green Card in record 28 days and without an interview.

On top of all this, she is personable and friendly.

My family and I are eternally grateful.

- (5 star review)